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China AMR Water Meter

Consists Of Blender, Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Etc
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10 - Posts
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China AMR Water Meter

Post#1 » Wed Apr 22, 2020 8:21 am

It is designed to measure cold (hot)potable water in residential settings. Being with pulse transmitting sensor, it could be used as the mechanical meter for remote reading system.
Complies with: ISO 4064 (equivalent to GB/T778-2007),MID14154
● Options for transmitting sensors: reed switch,hall components, photoelectric elements, et
● Adopting reliable sensors, anti-interference and long service time
● Remaining original technical parameters
● Remaining original displaying function
● Special structure design, advanced test methods,reliable signal’s collection.
● The maximum transmission distance from water meter to data collector is 150m
● Wide application,matching with a variety of data collectors
● Dry type, wet type, hot type, cold type
● A part of it could be impreved from ordinary water meters
Structure Principle and Features:
With sensitive sensors and strong anti-interference function. this water meter can collect accurate water consumption datas from a long distance. It is provided with remote transmitting function by the improvement of register structure and remains the original measurement function,can be connected with computer for the concentrated management.The maximum transmitting distance from water meter to data collector is 150 meters.
One or more remote reading meters could be connected according to data collector system. This type of water meter could be widely working with most of the data collectors.
Flow Technical data
TYPE mm Q3/Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Min Max
m³/h L/h m³
LXLCY-50B 50 50 31.25 25 0.8 0.5 0.005
0.001 999999
63 0.635 0.397
LXLCY-65B 65 50 50 40 1.28 0.8 0.005
0.001 999999
63 1.015 0.635
LXLCY-80B 80 50 78.7 63 2.016 1.26 0.005
0.001 999999
80 1.26 0.7875
LXLCY-100B 100 50 125 100 3.2 2.0 0.005
0.001 999999
80 2.0 1.25
LXLCY-125B 125 50 200 160 5.12 3.2 0.005
0.001 999999
80 3.2 2
LXLCY-150B 150 50 312.5 250 8 5 0.05
0.01 9999999
80 5 3.125
LXLCY-200B 200 50 500 400 12.8 8 0.05
0.01 9999999
63 10.16 6.349
LXLCY-250B 250 50 787 630 20.16 12.6 0.5
0.1 99999999
LXLCY-300B 300 50 1250 1000 32 20 0.5
0.1 99999999
LXLCY-400B 400 50 2000 1600 51.2 32 0.5
0.1 99999999
Maximum Permissible error
Accuracy between Q1 and Q2±5%
Accuracy between Q2 and Q4±2%(±3%for hot water)
1. LXLY-80E-200E, LXLRY-80E-200E(pulse transmitting water meter). See the above table for main technical parameters.
Size: 80mm,100mm,125mm,150mm, 200mm. See the dimensions and weight table of , LXL-80E-200E.
Sensors options: reed switch, hall elements.
2. LXLC-50B-400B, LXSCRY-50B-400B (pulse transmitting water meter).See the above table for main technical parameters. See the dimensions and weight table of LXLC-50B-400D.Sensors options: reed switch, hall elements and photoelectric elements.
1. Pulse constant could be decided bv clients
2. Wire length is generally 0.6m to 1m(decided by the clients).
3. Wire can be equipped with stainless protective cover; the length is 500mm to 900mm. The connectors'thread is M8x1, 5mm.
4. Wire connection methods:
a. Reed switch sensors, two core cable, without polarity.
b. Hall elements, three core cable. the red is power (3-3.6V), the green is output,the black is the commons
c. Optoelectronic elements, four core cable. the red is power (4.5-15V). the green is output, the yellow is backup detection end, and the black is the commons.
Working temperature for cold water meter: +0.1℃~+50℃
Working temperature for hot water meter: +0.1℃~+90℃
Head loss:△P63
Working pressure≤1. 0Mpa China AMR Water Meter

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