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edge banding machine for doors for sale

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edge banding machine for doors for sale

Post#1 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:30 pm

Functions of this machine:
This semi automatic edge banding machine can glue, end cutting, fine trimming and buffing

Technical parameters
MF60E semi automatic edge banding machine
Main technical parameterReal sizes of manufacturer
Thickness of wood panel10-55mm
Min width of wood panel78mm
Min length of wood panel120mm(PVC)
Width of edge band12-55mm
Thickness of edge band0.4-25mm
Feeding speed6-22m/min
Transmission220v/380v 50HZ-60HZ
Frequency conversion200-300HZ
Total power4kw high speed 5kw
Air pressure0.7MPa
Overall weight800kg
1.MF60E semi automatic edge banding machine is working semi automatically. The function of this machine is gluing, end trimming, fine trimming and buffing. This edgebander machine is without scrapping functions. The two sided gluing system of this Hot glue edge banding machine requires 170℃-200℃. There are different requirements for different seasons. You need hot glue to this edge banding machine.
2.This edgebander machine is one kind of wood carpenter machines. This semi automatic edge banding machine is a basic machine for wood furniture making. The multi spindle boring machine, edge banding machine and sliding table saw are the basic production line for carpenter machines. Using these simply machines, you can finish some of the furniture making.
3.The edgebander machine has fine trimming function. The end cutting parts of this edgebander machine can cut the edge tape off to make sure the edge tape are not stretch out too far. But it cannot cut and trim the edge of the end. The corner of the wood is not trimmed so the edge is a little sharp. But the trimming system for the edges of this carpenter machines can make the edge smooth.
4.This wood edge banding machine is working on wood and PVC tape. We have a edge banding machine video for it. The edge banding machine video is linked to the website. You can see the edge banding machine video on the website. We are glad to let you know how this edge banding machine work and how it maintained.
5.All parts of the edge banding machine are branded and with high quality. The high quality parts can help this machine to work precisely and effectively. The semi automatic edge banding machine can work for a long life and it is easy to operate. There is working panel that with buttons on it. You need to push the buttom to make sure that every functions’s light is on. Then you start the machine. This semi automatic edge banding machine is working automatically too. edge banding machine for doors for sale

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