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Porn Content Is Strictly Prohibited

Please Go For Better Tittles For Postin And Strictly Language Should Be English For Tittles ...

Hencfoth The Content Should Be In English 1st And Then You Can Add Your Own Language Below Of English Content!!

Rules Are Rule !!!
If You Fail To Follow Them Post Will Be Deleted And Account Will Be Either Deleted Or Deactivated ...

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All Content Is Free

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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on DarkDroid - DD. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Global Rules

    1. This Forum Is Staunch Of Sharing Your Skills, Related To Phones.
      Content On The Site Can Severely Damage Your Phone!
      We Wont Hold Any Of The Responsibility For The Way You Use The Information Provided On This Domain.
      The Content Is Only For Education Purpose And At Your Own Risk.
      Files And On This Domain Is ONLY FOR SELF PURPOSES !
      We Don't Hold Any Responsibility For Them Or Their Use. #
    2. This Forum Has A No Age Group Restrictions.
      Hence Adult Content Are Strictly Forbidden #
    3. We Are Sole Humans
      Therefore Ethnic Insults = Ban On You! #
    4. Posting Any
      Sexual Content, Threatening, Abusive, Racist, Vulgar, Slanderous, Hateful, Obscene Stuff That Can Violate Any Of The Laws.
      Can Lead To Permanent Ban. #
    5. As We Are Civilized Persons Respecting Everyone Is Important.
      Insulting Anyone = Uncivilized = Ban! #
    6. Mostly Everyone Can Understand English.
      Therefore English Should Be Primary Language. #
  2. Profile Rules

    1. Nudity & Abusive Avatars/DP's Are Not Authorized. #
    2. Usernames And Profiles Should Not Contains Any Abusive Or Discrimination Words. #
    3. Admins Have Prior Rights To Change Or Modify User Names With Or Without Prior Notice. #
  3. Posting Rules

    1. Searching Is Best Option Before Creating! #
    2. Avoid Double Posting.
      As They Will Be Removed After Review By Admins. #
    3. For Better Strategies Of Posting.
      Give A Prefix To Thread So That Everyone Should Not Trip Before Glowing.
      Eg -
      [App] Zzzz vZ.z
      [Rom] Zzz_zz_zz

      Posting Screen Shots Would Give A Pleasant Environment For Reading Complete Thread. #
    4. Admins & Mods Have Prior Authority To Edit, Move, Delete Your Thread Or Make It Sticky. #
  4. Attachment Rules

    1. Attachments Should Be Uploaded In Hosting Sites. #
    2. Downloading Should Be At Ease. #
    3. If You Face Any Problem In Attachments Contact Admins. #
    4. Using Mirrors Would Help To Download With Ease.
      Few Mirror Creator Sites

      http://www.uploadseeds.com/ #
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